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Army of the Damned

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loyalty is my speciality [Apr. 14th, 2005|05:09 pm]
Army of the Damned
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hey ppl, loyal soldier here.

im lookin for some muse, poetry or short stories to help me reach a little deeper into my own writing. any little will help, thanx!

From: tristislupus
2005-07-20 06:36 am (UTC)
If you're looking for a short story, I have a few unfinished ones that need to either be finished, illustrated, or can be used as creative fuel. Or art... unless I've misread you. Just ask.
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[User Picture]From: tiny_ephie
2005-07-22 04:28 pm (UTC)

Dunno if these will help...

I dunno if these will help - but it is worth a try!! They are things I have written.

A gentle touch across my face
A fragile, yet fulfilling embrace
And yet I wonder if it is enough

Hurting hearts with open hands
Souls that no one ever understands
And it all just doesn’t seem right

Lonely people giving into what seems real
Giving into those who pretend to feel
And I wonder how this could be

The endlessly falling tears
The circling shadowy fears
And I wonder if it is too much

Eyes that gaze into the lonely nights
Torn and abused, filled with fright
And all this hurt seems so unreal

Emotions have been wasted and laid to rest
Leaving nothing but the familiar aching in my chest
And I wonder if love has ever been true

Lying naked and alone, my body and soul broken
There are no laughs to be had or words to be spoken
And I wonder if this life was ever meant to be


The sky is caving in,
Demoralized by a thousand sins.
The clouds fall to the ground,
Lives are shattered abruptly by the sound.
Tears fall from the sky,
For those who refuse to open their eyes.

When will mourning come?
When will we see the sun?
This life's grown dark and bleek,
And reasons to live so weak.

The flames engulf the city streets,
And light the darkness defeats.
Children cry out in bitter agony,
Why, why can't anybody see?

Years have been spent living lives so blind,
Carelessly wondering with an empty mind.
Open your eyes, see the sun.
Open your eyes, take off your disguise.

When will mourning come?
When will we see the sun?
This life's grown dark and bleek,
And reasons to live so weak.


Feel free to critique or to use as inspiration if it suites you.


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